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Our small group classes focus on improving cardio, building, and maintaining muscle. We provide a 3-month contract to kickstart your fitness journey, during which we are committed to helping you achieve your goals if you are equally dedicated to putting in the hard work. If you find that our program is not the right fit for you, we offer a 1-month cancellation policy to ensure your satisfaction and comfort in your fitness journey.


 LIFT is a 60-minute weight-based workout designed to emphasize muscle creation and development. In this class, we will instruct you on key principles for muscle building and emphasize proper technique.
If your fitness goals include improving body composition or gaining muscle, then this class is tailored for you. Each session concludes with a 5-10 minute HIIT-style workout.
Duration: 1 hr


ENDURE is a 45-minute high-intensity class designed to challenge your physical limits. The primary goal of this session is to push you beyond your comfort zone and expand your boundaries. With the utilization of our MyZone technology, we can precisely track your heart rate to ensure you are training effectively within your target zone. Whether you aim to enhance your overall fitness or sustain a high level of physical conditioning, this class is tailored for you. Time: 45m

#LEAN Lift Endure Adherence Nutrition 


ZONES Heart rate training can be an effective way to monitor and optimize your workouts. Zones are often used to determine different training intensities based on heart rate.


1. Zone 2 Training: Zone 2 is typically known as the "fat-burning zone" or the aerobic zone. It's a moderate-intensity range where you can sustain an effort comfortably while primarily utilizing fat as a fuel source. This zone is often used for longer-duration workouts to build endurance.


2. High Intensity Continuous Training (HICT): HICT involves training at a higher intensity than Zone 2, typically around or slightly above your lactate threshold. The lactate threshold is the point at which your body starts to produce more lactic acid than it can clear away, resulting in fatigue. Training in this zone helps improve your aerobic capacity and anaerobic threshold.


3. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): HIIT involves intervals of high-intensity exercise followed by short recovery periods. This type of training is effective for improving cardiovascular fitness, calorie burn, and increasing anaerobic capacity. HIIT alternates between pushing your heart rate to higher levels and allowing it to recover.


In a heart rate-based training class like ZONES, the instructors would guide participants to stay within specific heart rate ranges using the RPE method which is based on how you feel. Some participants might use heart rate monitors or other devices to help bit its not essential. By varying the training intensity between different heart rate zones, participants can experience varied physiological adaptations and improve overall cardiovascular fitness. Time 45m

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