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"Joined this class on Tuesday , really enjoyed it and Michael was great with his instructions. His aftercare was great too. Thank you Michael x"

Maureen Loan

"I’ve been training with Coxy now for 8 weeks and couldn’t be happier with my progress and our sessions! Coxy is great at motivating me to work hard and keep in mind my goals. I’m enjoying it so much I plan to continue into next year! He gives great support outside my sessions too."
Hayley Dumpleton

"Coxy is a fantastic coach, I’m on my third week with the group sessions and already noticing a very positive change in my body and mind! Every session has been different so it never gets boring. The 6am sessions are perfect for me and they definitely set me up for the day. I’ve quit the gym as it’s a waste of my money and time, I find 3 sessions over 1 week with FiredUpFitness is all I need and worth every single penny. It’s so good my teenager son has joined and he is very hard to please let alone waking up at the crack of dawn! A big 5 stars and thumbs up from me!"

Jo Morina

#LEAN Lift Endure Adherence Nutrition


"First PT session after a week off. Michael decide to make me carry a rucksack weighing 3 stone on the running machine. My weight loss to date. It nearly killed me, but am totally refocused as I’m never putting that weight on again. Cheers. Micheal."
Michala Cox


"I'm not keen on exercise but wanted to improve my health. My husband got Michael round and I really enjoyed his sessions at home. He was very knowledgeable and made an exercise novice like me really comfortable. The training was varied so didn't I didn't get bored. Would definitely recommend."
Hyacinth Jones


"Coxy is an excellent instructor and not only provides great technical advice in his workout routines but the variety and element of surprise makes the workouts very engaging. On top of this, he gets results!"
Christopher Clark

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